LIFE SAFETY DURING COVID-19 (click here for updates)

Making Life Safety a Priority During COVID-19 Pandemic

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NFPA regulations exist to keep our businesses and people safe, which is why it’s important to stay compliant, even during these unprecedented times. The NFPA has recommended that “all commercial and multi-occupancy residential buildings should maintain fully operational fire and life safety systems as required by applicable codes” and that “those responsible for these buildings should adhere to the expected schedules for inspection, testing, and maintenance.” The NFPA has also stated that all who perform any work related to life safety systems should be deemed essential. As part of this “essential” work force, Beach Lake Sprinkler is here to help assure you that your fire and life safety systems are functioning as designed and inspected to code – protecting you, your employees, and the spaces they work in.

Most useful fire prevention services during the pandemic

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Beach Lake Sprinkler is a full-service provider, specializing in many areas:

  1. Inspections and testing — Fire system inspections are a must to keep up to date with industry and insurance codes. We provide fire protection inspections as well as service and repair to all marketplaces. Beach Lake Sprinkler works with a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications.
  2. Emergency Service — You can count on Beach Lake Sprinkler to respond promptly to all emergency service calls. We offer 24/7 emergency response in every situation.
  3. Monitoring — Beach Lake Sprinkler provides real-time monitoring of your systems allowing for fast response to system failures, errors, and emergencies.
  4. Installations — Upgrading and installing new fire and life safety systems is important to making sure that your property is protected.

Life Safety Matters

As orders related to COVID-19 change the way we do business, it is important that all businesses keep up to date with their fire and life safety needs.

Review key NFPA codes, link provided below, to help your systems stay operational in all situations:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems (NFPA 25)
  • Fire Alarm Systems (NFPA 72)
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers (NFPA 10)
  • Kitchen Systems (NFPA 17A and NFPA 96)

Beach Lake Sprinkler is committed to serving you through these times!

Beach Lake Sprinkler is committed to delivering quality life safety systems and solutions. We protect lives and property while providing an exceptional value to our customers. Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, Beach Lake Sprinkler remains committed to the focus and delivery of our values: integrity, commitment, professionalism, quality, and safety. We are committed to delivering quality service to all businesses across the United States, no matter the circumstances they may be facing.

Recognizing the seriousness of our current climate, Beach Lake Sprinkler is working hard to protect our customers and the public. Our employees follow the Centers for Disease Control Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for social distancing and hygiene.

To help your business’s safety and peace of mind no matter your situation, contact Beach Lake Sprinkler today to see how we can partner with you to protect lives and property.

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