What is a FM-200 Fire Suppression System?

Did you know there are other ways to put out a fire than just using water? Fire suppression systems are systems that use non-water substances to distinguish a fire. FM-200 suppression systems are a common system used for buildings that are sensitive to water sprinkler systems. These systems are clean agent fire suppressions that extinguish a fire through a chemical called “heptafluoropropane”. Essentially it puts out the FM-200 chemical that removes the heat or free radicals necessary for a fire to live. This is an alternative way to put out a fire from the typical water fire sprinkler.

Why Use FM-200 Systems?

There are many benefits of using these suppression systems. These benefits include:

  1. Does not harm water sensitive assets-your valuable assets are not at risk for water damage with the FM-200 suppression system.
  2. Fast reaction-FM-200 suppression is quick in reacting to fires by taking out the essential elements that a fire needs to live. The response can be within a matter of seconds, preventing the fire from getting out of hand.
  3. Very effective-The substance discharged can put out fires that water may not be able to. Places like restaurant kitchens that contain grease or flammables can benefit from using this suppression substance.
  4. Safe for humans and environment– If this system were to discharge the substances into a room containing occupants, the occupants would not be at a health risk. Also, for those businesses promoting environment friendly practices, this substance has a zero ozone depletion rate.
  5. Easy clean up– compared to water or foam this suppression system does not leave behind residue making it easy to return your building back to functioning conditions.
  6. Cost effective-With less water damage the FM-200 suppression system can save you money on replacing or repairing your buildings assets.

Beach Lake Sprinkler FM-200 Suppression Systems

At Beach Lake Sprinkler Fire Protection we offer design, installation and service of FM-200 suppression systems. We provide products and services for facilities in the Pennsylvania and Florida areas. We have a team of experienced technicians that can install your system so you can acquire all of the benefits of a FM-200 suppression system. Contact Beach Lake Sprinkler for your free, no obligation quote today!