What is a Pre-Action Sprinkler?

A pre-action fire sprinkler has a two-step activation process to avoid accidental discharge over the area which it protects. The pipes of this system do not contain any water, it is safeguarded by a pre-action valve, making it a dry sprinkler system. 

The pre-action valve will activate upon the detection of heat, smoke or flame, opening the water source for the sprinkler pipes. At this point, the system will act as a wet pipe fire sprinkler system, as the water is ready to discharge from activated sprinkler heads. Each sprinkler head is opened individually to protect unaffected areas from unnecessary water damage. As fire is detected, water is discharged from the sprinkler heads in that area only. 

Pre-Action Sprinkler Applications

The two-step activation process offers an additional safeguard against accidental water discharge, making them an excellent choice for environments that are sensitive to moisture. Common applications include; data centers, archives, computer rooms, telecommunication rooms, process control rooms, libraries and freezer warehouses. 

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