Backflow Prevention

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when the direction of water flow is reversed by a sudden change in pressure. For example, this could happen when the water that is flowing into a fire sprinkler system changes direction and flows back into the municipal water supply.

Why is Backflow Prevention Needed?

Backflow prevention is necessary to prevent cross contamination of water supplies. When water that was once in your fire sprinkler line could be contaminated and allowing it to flow back into the municipal water supply could be harmful to others who come in contact with the polluted water. Fire protection systems that use chemicals should use backflow prevention to keep chemicals from entering the water supply. Water is a vital component in everyone’s lives, so it is important to make sure it is clean and protected.

Backflow Devices

One way to prevent backflow is to have backflow devices installed to prevent cross contamination. A backflow preventer will keep your fire sprinkler water line from flowing back into the municipal water line if there is a loss in pressure.

When installing backflow prevention, you want to make sure that you are using approved backflow devices. In addition, you should have the backflow device installed by a licensed individual. Once the backflow device is installed, it should be tested to make sure it is working properly.

When you have a traditional fire sprinkler system, you will typically need to use the Double Check Assembly backflow preventer. In systems that contain chemicals, a Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly is usually required.

Beach Lake Installs Backflow Prevention Devices

Do you need a backflow device installed for your fire protection system? Beach Lake can install and test backflow devices to help prevent you from contaminating the water supply. Beach Lake Sprinkler can provide many fire protection services including installations, inspections, testing and repairs of your fire protection system. We have offices in Pennsylvania and Florida to serve customers in Southern New York, Northern Pennsylvania, and Central Florida. If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide, contact us today.