Common Contributors to Electrical Fires

Common Contributors to Electrical FiresElectrical fires are a common cause of household fires. In fact, electrical fires cause about 51,000 fires every year.  They are the third leading cause of home structures fires and many of them happen due to ignorance and neglect. There are several common causes of electrical fires:

Old Appliances

Many electrical fires are caused by appliances that are not functioning correctly. If an appliance is outdated, the cords, switches, and receptacles are outdated as well. If you notice that one of your appliances have a worn cord that happens to be frayed or has exposed wires, you should replace the appliance or get the cord itself replaced.

Lamps and Lights

Lamps are a major part of home décor and they present soft, warm lighting for residential homes. However, they commonly result in electrical fires as well. It is important to never put a bulb into a lamp that exceeds the recommended bulb wattage. You should also never cover a lampshade with a towel, a sheet, a shirt, or so forth. The material can easily start on fire from the heat of the bulb.

Extension Cords

Many people use extension cords within their home but they use them incorrectly which results in an electrical fire. If you are using extension cords, you should make sure that they are plugged into a grounded outlet. You should also never run any kind of cord, extension cord included, underneath a rug. The cord can give off heat and result in a house fire.

Address Wiring

Many older homes have electrical wiring that is outdated. If you live in an older home, it’s important to ensure that your home can handle modern appliances and the homes demand. With the amount of technology we have running in our homes today, from laptops to televisions, it’s important to make sure your wiring can keep up.

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