Control Your Candles from Your Mobile Phone

As the weather gets cooler and the days get darker, people love to light candles. Candles give off a warm glow and fill our homes with the scent of cinnamon or pumpkin but they are a major fire risk. According to the National Candle Association, a total of 10,000 residential fires are caused by candles each year.

If you are a committed to burning candles, it is important to practice good fire safety when lighting, burning, and extinguishing your candle. For instance, never burn a candle unless you are in the same room as the candle. You should also never burn a candle close to anything that the flame could reach, such as a blanket. These hints might seem obvious but 25 home candles fires are reported each day.
49222819 - many candles close up
A company called LuDela has invented a smart candle which could diminish the risk of candle-caused house fires. The candle does use a real flame but you have the ability to control the candle from your smartphone. You are able to turn the candle on, turn the candle off, adjust the brightness, and even run a timer. If the candle is knocked over, the candle will turn the flame off. The candle is even equipped with sensors that detecting motion and tilts. If a curtain gets too close, the candle will detect the motion and put the flame out. This candle is currently running at $99.00 which is a small price to pay to prevent a house fire. As wonderful as candles can smell and look, they do put your home at risk. Purchasing a smart candle would allow you have all the benefits of a candle without the risks.

If you are going to burn candles, it is important to care for them properly to avoid fires. When you blow a candle out, make sure the wick is no longer glowing before you leave the room. Do not move the candle or touch the candle itself until is completely cooled. For more news on fire safety, take a look at Beach Lake Sprinkler’s blog.