Fire Hazards at Work

Fire Hazards at WorkIf you own a business, one of your top priorities should be to keep your employees safe. All employees should know how to respond to a fire and how to identify possible fire hazards.

Combustible Materials and Chemicals

The fire hazards that are within your workplace will depend on what type of work is done there. For example, if you work in a factory setting that has a lot of chemicals and combustible materials around, fires can be from improper disposal or handling of chemicals. In this type of setting, it is important that all staff is properly trained on how to handle potential fire hazards. When training new staff, be sure to educate them from the start on how to avoid potential fire hazards.

Faulty Electric Wiring

Most office spaces have lots of wiring and electrical cords which brings us to our next common workplace fire hazard: faulty wiring. If equipment your employees use, such as computers or telephones, require being constantly plugged in, have an electrician visit the site regularly to check your wiring. Items such as frayed wires and overloaded outlets can cause fires in the floors and walls that may not be obvious to employees right away.

Fire Doors

If your company is housed in a large building, chances are the building has fire doors. If your employees are frequently moving throughout the building, they might prop open fire doors if they become a nuisance. Employees must understand that fire doors must remain closed at all times; they could make the difference between a small fire on the 9th floor, and a devastating, full-building fire.

OSHA suggests to maintaining an evacuation plan and reminding your employees of the plan often.

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