Keep Your Christmas Tree Fire-Free

If you celebrate Christmas, you likely spend some time searching for the perfect Christmas tree to place into your home. You wander through rows of trees until you settle on “the one.”  As you put it up inside of your home, you are mesmerized by the smell of fresh pine. However, Christmas Tree SafetyChristmas trees can be a fire hazard if you are unaware of how to properly care for one from start to finish.

Choosing A Tree

You can tell a lot about a Christmas tree based off of how it looks before you even purchase it. When searching for a tree, look for a tree that has fresh and green needles. If you touch the needles and they fall off or are easy to pluck, the tree is already very dry and would be easily flammable.

Setting the Tree Up

When putting up a Christmas tree in your home, the tree should be a minimum of three feet away from other items. Keep your tree clear from fireplaces, candles, heaters, and lamps or ceiling lights. It is important to keep the stand filled with water to keep the tree hydrated and prevent it from drying out. You should not block any windows or doors with your tree. In the event of a fire, you could need them to get out of your home.

Decorating the Tree

Decorating your tree is an absolute blast and it can be so much fun to fill it with tinsel, lights, ornaments, and popcorn strings. When stringing lights onto your Christmas tree, you should make sure that the box of lights has a label indicating that they have been tested in a lab. You should also make sure that you are using lights designated for indoors. You should, under no circumstance, put damaged lights or wires onto your tree.

Taking Down the Tree

As hard as it is to let go of your Christmas tree after all the work that goes into finding it and putting it up, it’s important to get rid of your tree right after Christmas. Regardless of how much we water trees, they will eventually dry out inside of our home. If a tree gets dried out, it becomes a major fire hazard and should not be left in your home.

By following these precautions, you and your Christmas tree will have a safe and fire-free holiday season. If you are planning to install a sprinkler system this year as a Christmas gift to you and your loved ones, contact Beach Lake Sprinkler to help.