Preventing Children from Starting Fires

Unfortunately, many young Preventing Children from Starting Fireschildren are fascinated by fire. As a result, many young children start fires as a direct result which they believe to be a source of entertainment, not danger. As adults, it is important to prevent children from doing so which starts with educating yourself on the subject.

How Old Are Children that Starts Fire?

Surprisingly, children that typically start experimenting with fires are in preschool and kindergarten. Although you might expect teenagers to be the source of this trouble, the youngest children typically are.

How Do They Start Fires?

Most children start fires with matches and lighters that are left within their reach.

How Do You Know They’re Interested?

Children that start developing an interest in fire might start asking a lot of questions about fire, such as how hot a fire is or how fast something might burn. These kinds of questions might indicate that it’s time to have a serious conversation about fire with your child.

How Can I Prevent It?

The best thing you can do to prevent children from starting fires is to keep the items they would need in order to do so away from them. Store matches and lighters high up where children cannot gain access to them. To be safe, store them in a locked cabinet or container.

How Do I Educate Them?

Talking to your children about fire safety is the best way to educate them on the dangers of starting fires and playing with fire. You should also, under no circumstance, play with fire in front of your children. You should also make sure children know that it isn’t safe to touch things that contribute to fires, and never have them light a candle, bring you a lighter, etc.

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