Sprinkler System Limits Damage at Chicago Business

test-slideThe fire chief in the village of Wilmette, a village outside of Chicago, publicly spoke to the benefits of sprinkler systems when a storage room fire was put out by an automatic sprinkler system that had been installed. The fire, which occurred at a multimillion dollar public works garage facility, could have taken down the building as a whole had the sprinkler system not been activated.

The garage still experienced severe damage, over $15,000 worth, but luckily did not completely burn down in the fire. Expensive cars, possessions, and village equipment were spared by the sprinkler system. The fire chief reported that the cost could have been higher had the fire not been controlled by the sprinkler system. Several years ago, village administrators and fire prevention officials decided that the garage should have a sprinkler system put in. Luckily, the time, money, and effort of that decision truly paid off.  Installing the sprinkler system was not required but officials felt it was something that should be done and the right choice was made.

The water from the sprinklers controlled the flames, preventing the fire from reaching the wood roof of the building, reiterating the importance of automatic sprinkler systems in restaurants, warehouses, factories, and more. Without the sprinkler system, the building could have faced irreversible damages or complete destruction. It is so important to learn about fire sprinkler systems and keep your businesses safe from fires that could cost you all of the time and money you put into building a successful one. Not only is it important to install a sprinkler system but to also make sure your current sprinkler system is functioning as it should. Getting sprinkler systems installed is vital but getting them inspected is also important to guarantee that your system is functioning properly and would in the event of an emergency.

If you are interested in installing a fire sprinkler system to protect your business from fire damage, contact Beach Lake Sprinkler today!